Integrated Interiors.

We offer design without renouncing the functionality because we create beautiful homes to live in not only to show. Knowhaus chooses and manages to your style that best fits your project’s home to submit a comprehensive proposal Knowhaus either a project Integrator, where we add to our decorative proposals the collaboration of the best firms in the kitchen, meeting rooms, bathrooms, children’s rooms, presses, pantries, gardens… without you having to worry about coordinating them all or having meetings or visits of work on different studies. Because for Knowhaus each is sublime in its specialty, but all run under the premises of our brand: beauty, warmth, convenience and elegance adapted to everyday life.

We will administer the complete project of your home.

You will find no need to be concerned about any type of formal procedures or coordination of professionals and tasks usually performed by the owner. To create a home involves many tedious tasks: town planning, architecture, construction, industrial management (plumbing, carpentry, enclosures, air conditioning, security, home automation, energetic study …), recruitment of temporary and final supplies, site management and visits, choice of materials, modification of project if any unforeseen incidents, interior and exterior designs, selection and purchase of toiletries, kitchenware, linen, final styling… With Knowhaus Home Project Management your professional and personal life will be released from a task of great magnitude involving long-term participation and, on some occasions, unease. We make sure that your greatest illusion does not become your worst nightmare.

How we do it?

We start where you need us:

From the search for a site, and its planning viability, or selection of property to the redistribution of already existing homes

We work with the best, not the most expensive.

A good selection of the best suppliers and industry based on quality and commitment are not necessarily the most expensive.

A global service.

We fulfil the needs of our clients providing solutions which go even beyond expectations.